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SC Granted two Days Interim Bail to Convict for marriage


Supreme Court bench comprising Justices DY Chandrachud, Indu Malhotra and KM Joseph considering a application for interim ail has granted bail of two days to a murder convict for him to marry fiancee.

Murder Convict Vishal was convicted in a murder case by the Trial Court and his appeal is pending before the Delhi High Court.

Convict applied for interim bail before the High Court on the ground that he wishes to marry his fiancee. He had sought only one day’s interim bail so that he could marry her and leave her to his parental home.

Though the status report filed before the High court indicated that his fiancee is living separately from her parents and that she stated that she wishes to marry him, the High Court refused his plea on the ground that there are four other ‘serious and heinous cases’ against him and that his jail conduct after 2016 was not reported to be unsatisfactory.

Supreme court- “In the above backdrop, we are of the view that the appellant should be granted interim release for a period of two days under police escort

The appellant shall continue to remain under police escort in view of the apprehension which has been expressed by the Additional Solicitor General that the appellant should not use the order of release to abscond.

“We, accordingly, issue a direction to the effect that the appellant shall be released on interim bail for a period of two days”

The Supreme Court- “During this period, the appellant shall remain under police escort and, after the expiry of the period, shall surrender back forthwith. The Police escort shall be in plain clothes and shall be at the cost of the appellant.”.