Maneka Gandhi


Maneka Gandhi

Born -  August 26, 1956

Designation -
Union Cabinet Minister for Women & Child Development

Political party -
Bharatiya Janata Party

Alma mater - Graduate I.S.C.

Previous offices -  General-Secretary, Janata Dal (J.D.)
                               Union Minister of State          
                               (Independent Charge), Environment 
                                and Forests

                                Union Minister of State
                               (Independent charge), Programme
                                Union Minister of State (Independent        
                                Charge) Social Justice and

Awards - Lord Erskine Award
                Prani Mitra Award

Case - Maneka Gandhi vs Union Territory Of Delhi And   
           Ors. ILR 1995 Delhi 49 ( PIL)
           Maneka Gandhi vs Union Of India 1978 AIR 597,
             1978 SCR (2) 621

Maneka Gandhi is current Union Cabinet Minister for Women & Child Development . a prominent Indian politician is the Minister for Women & Child Development in the newly-formed Modi government. Apart from being a politician, she also works for the animal rights and is a great environmentalist. Her dedication in working towards the welfare of animals is manifested in the books written by her in which she talks about the various laws related to the animals. Some of the books written by her include Etymological Directories, Animal Activism and Laws etc. What may come as a surprise to everyone is that she is also a former model. Being the widow of Sanjay Gandhi, she belongs to famous Nehru-Gandhi family.
Political Career of Maneka Gandhi

Being the Founder Editor of Surya which is a political magazine, Maneka accompanied her husband in his political trips. Maneka used the magazine as a means to defend the Congress party after its defeat in 1977. The interviews of Indira Gandhi in the magazine helped the Congress party to improve its image in the general public. It was the sudden death of Sanjay Gandhi that forced Maneka to enter into politics in the year 1982.

In the subsequent year, she formed her own party called 'Sanjay Vichar Manch'. The main focus of the party was on the employment and empowerment of the youth. The party contested Andhra Pradesh state elections and won four seats. The party was merged with the Janata Dal in 1988. Maneka was appointed as its General Secretary.

The party won its first elections in 1989. Maneka was appointed as the Environment Minister and served a tenure of three years from 1989 to 1991. During her tenure, she created a different department for animal welfare. A number of laws were made by her not only in the field of animal welfare but also for the protection of the country's historical monuments.

In the year 1996, she contested from Pilibhit as an independent candidate and won. Maneka also won the elcetions in 1998. In the year 1999, she supported BJP and was appointed as the Minister for Social Justice and Empowerment. During thie period, she initiated many reforms for the project OASIS (Old Age Social and Income Security).

This resulted in the New Pension System (NPS) which came into effect from 2004. Understanding her duty towards her country she worked for the welfare of the people. For instance, the laws relating to adoption were made easier. She also created a helpline for the children living on the streets.

Maneka joined BJP in 2004. She again contested the general elections from Pilibhit and won.
 It was her efforts made in the development of Pilibhit that made her extemely popular and people always voted for her. In the year 2009, her son varun contested and won from Pilibhit while
she won the seat from Aonla.

Maneka Gandhi as Environmentalist

Maneka Gandhi played a key role in bringing the issue of animal rights to forefront. In 1995, she became the chairperson of the Committee for the Purpose of Control and Supervision of Experiments on Animals (CPCSEA). The members of the committee made surprise checks in the laboratories where research was carried out on animals. She also started the organisation called 'People for Animals' for the welfare of animals. To make people aware about the sufferings of animals, she anchored a TV show, 'Heads and Tails'. Maneka has made many regulations for the protection of animals.

Harvard Law Library allegedly has a book bound by Human Skin

A judge cannot assume the power on the basis of his individual perception or notion : SC

Gays , lesbians , bisexuals not third gender : SC

The loud noise at your home even in a day time , if damages hearing of your neighbors is punishable - law of torts

A rape accused could now be convicted on the sole evidence of the victim, even if medical evidence did not prove rape.