Bijan Kumar Mukherjea

legal personality

Bijan Kumar Mukherjea

Name - Bijan Kumar Mukherjea

Born -
August 15, 1891

Died - 1956

Alma mater-  M.A. (History), B.L. (Gold Medalist), M.L. (Gold Medalist), Doctor of Law.

Designation- 1914- Joined bar at Calcutta.

                      1934 -Junior Government Pleader in High court of Calcutta
                       1936 -Senior Government Pleader of High court of Calcutta

                       1936-Judge of High court of Calcutta

                       1947 -Member in Bengal-Boundary Commission

                       1948-Judge of Federal Court of India

                       December 23, 1954 - January 31, 1956 - Chief Justice of India

justice Bijan Kumar Mukharjea was the 4th Chief justice of India.
Mukherjea was born to R.D. Mukherjea and Sarat Kumari Devi. After his education in Hooghly College, Bengal, he joined the University Law College Calcutta. He was a M.A.(History), B.L. (Gold Medalist), M.L.(Gold Medalist), Doctor of Law. He was an Anauth Dev Research Prizeman, Tagore Law Lecturer (Calcutta University), and also a Saraswati (Sanskrit)
He Joined Calcutta Bar in 1914,Junior Govt. Pleader Calcutta High Court, 1934 Senior Govt. Pleader, Calcutta Court, 1936 Judge Calcutta High Court, November 1936 – 1948 Member Bengal Boundary Commission, 1947 Judge, Federal Court/Supreme Court 14 Oct. 1948-22 Dec.1954.                  Chief Justice of India 1954-31 Jan 1956

It is noteworthy that on Patanjali Sastri’s retirement in January 1954, Nehru had asked B.K. Mukherjea to take over as Chief Justice. However Mukherjea had declined, saying that Mehr Chand Mahajan was senior to him. When Nehru pressed him, the judge said he would sooner resign than usurp the highest office before his turn.

 Only after Mahajan retired did Mukherjea become CJI.
Fellow of the Calcutta University President of the Bengal Sanskrit Association,Associated with Scouts Movement in Bengal, Acted as District Commissioner, South Calcutta Boys Association Connected with Literary and Cultural Society Bibudha Janani Sava, Nabadwip, Gita Sava, Calcutta, St. Sahitya Parishad; Calcutta etc.


Harvard Law Library allegedly has a book bound by Human Skin

A judge cannot assume the power on the basis of his individual perception or notion : SC

Gays , lesbians , bisexuals not third gender : SC

The loud noise at your home even in a day time , if damages hearing of your neighbors is punishable - law of torts

A rape accused could now be convicted on the sole evidence of the victim, even if medical evidence did not prove rape.